SDH102: Venture Into Your Passion, A Candid Conversation with Jessica Peltz

Do you have a lack of passion and energy that is barely getting you through your 9-5 job? Maybe you’re tired and ready to venture into a new field, but you fear not having the familiar office you’ve known for years and the idea of an unstable paycheck sits you right back down in your corporate seat?

There’s a way to find that missing passion and energy.

There’s a way to be the boss of your own life, your own professional career.

And it starts with the L-E-A-P!

Today’s guest, Jessica Peltz, worked a full-time corporate job and followed her passion of start ups on the side. Impressive right? She took the leap and eventually found her niche in the startup field as a partner to KBS Ventures, where she follows her passion of helping startups secure their first customers.

Get technical and tune in!

In this episode, you will…

Learn about the “sink” or “swim” mentality with Venture capital (VC) and startup

Improve “future proofing” your career

Identify the importance of “unconditional love” and “like” with investor, founder and CEO in the early startup stage

Uncover nuances and corrections in the market

Obtain the basics of VC

Know what kind of startups Jessica invests in


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“Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build The Future” by Peter Thiel


“I really saw this vision of connecting brands and startups, and the need to really bridge that gap.”-Jessica Peltz

“I was feeling really uninspired, but at the same time I was in this nice cushy job that was “stable” and paid the bills; I just wasn’t excited about things as much as I was with the energy and passion I saw working with entrepreneurs.”-Jessica Peltz

“Working with founders, they just see the world differently. They’re wearing a pair of goggles that sees things as inefficient, broken and obsessively wants to fix it.”-Jessica Peltz

“Every day is a work day and no day is a work day.”-Jessica Peltz

“I believe the future of media, marketing and advertising, is through technology partnerships.”-Jessica Peltz

“The power of relationships is almost the number one thing I learned throughout my entire business career.”-Jessica Peltz

“The CMO of tomorrow is the data nerd of today.” -Jessica Peltz

“Not every business should raise venture capital. In fact, most businesses shouldn’t raise venture capital.”-Jessica Peltz

“Run lean, don’t raise more cash than you need to, focus on the real unit economics of your business. Focus on getting to profitability, don’t worry about “growth at all costs” really worry about building the business metrics.”-Jessica Peltz

“Part of being a good leader is being able to recognize your deficiencies and build a really strong team around you.”-Jessica Peltz

“If you’re taking money from an investor, it’s like a marriage. You can’t fire an investor. You’re stuck with them.”-Jessica Peltz

“As an investor, you have to genuinely enjoy helping other people succeed and helping other people build their business. And that’s not something you can learn.”-Jessica Peltz

“Thinking about things that are creating entirely new markets, that have the power to change behavior, is wild.”-Jessica Peltz

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