SDH101: Energize Your Life with Judith Wright

Do you still feel empty, despite the personal and professional achievements in your life? You thought you had it all, but something deep down isn’t fulfilled.

You’re hungry, very hungry.

But what for?

Maybe you’re trying to numb that hunger by keeping busy, or having more fun, but when you’ve completed your goal list and the party’s over you’re still hungry and very much empty.

It’s time to fulfill the hunger with today’s guest, Dr. Judith Wright, speaker, educator, author, lifestyle consultant and so much more, who has the journey and tools that helped her feed her hunger and can help you too!

Get hungry and tune in!

In this episode, you will…

Identify how to become more of a seeker within

Discover how to find your inner womanhood

Enrich relationships with Wright’s Rules of Engagement

Value your inner self rather than societal formulas

Shift your leadership by leading your life

Awaken the parts of you that aren’t valued

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