SDH099: From Lost to Found a Candid Conversation with Rachel Adams

Are you successful in your business, but want so much more? You may not be able name what exactly you want, but you know that something is missing. Perhaps you project this image of career and life perfection on social media, but behind the Instagram post of your job’s perks and the fairytale Facebook album of your partner and you, you aren’t really happy.

It’s time to stop projecting a false image and lead a life and business with authenticity and intention.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear how Rachel Adams, Co-Founder of the self-transformation program Lost to Found, used her personal growth to grow her business and help other women on their journey to self discovery and ultimate happiness.

In this episode, you will…

Value setting boundaries with “tech time outs”
Understand the benefits of adopting an “abundant mentality”
Reevaluate your peer group to maximize self growth
Obtain a sneak peek into the program with some health tips and tricks
Learn about the trickle effect of good decisions

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Lost 2 Found in 90 Days

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“Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown


“Your video isn’t matching your audio.” -Nina Rowan Heller

“It’s one thing to be honest with other people, but it’s something entirely different to be honest with yourself.” -Rachel Adams

“My business would only grow to the extent that I do.” -Rachel Adams

“Once you’re really making one good decision another good decision follows and it becomes this trickle effect.” -Rachel Adams

“The right people come into your life and the right people leave your life.” -Rachel Adams

“Balance does not exist. Counter balance does exist.” -Rachel Adams

“When you are leading your life with authenticity and intention, and you are actually being who you should be, the right person comes to you.” -Rachel Adams

Want more?

Rachel is giving SDH lady bosses the first free chapters for free to download, as well as one inspirational guidance video. If you want even more, don’t forget the program launches the first Monday of every month.

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