SDH097: Branding Your Purpose A Conversation with Maya Elious

Are you finally ready to get paid for following your passion? Are you sick and tired of the looming anxiety and stress from trying to find a balance between your side hustle and “real” corporate job? Maybe you second guess taking the leap because your parents or friends have taken the traditional corporate path and you fear

creating your own path,

being your own boss,


branding your own purpose.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear how boss branding coach Maya Elious , went from dropping out of college in pursuit of her passion for design to coaching women with finding clarity on their purpose, aligning them with their brand and helping them create a strategy to share their story. It’s time to find your own clarity within your business purpose, so listen in!

In this episode, you will…

Learn why the key to get better is research-podcasts, webinars etc.
Understand the importance of a target audience
Acquire steps & questions you can ask to find your purpose
Discover the benefits of an online business
Value your life experiences and how they play a role in your story

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“We are always evolving and we never really know what direction we’re supposed to go in until we start taking those initial steps.”- Maya Elious

“My ‘what’ or product or service that I offer might change, but I’m always going to have the same why.”- Maya Elious

“The way that I like to break down branding is into: messaging, strategy, and presentation.”- Maya Elious

“People are going to try to devalue you, and if you don’t stick to your standards and stick to your values, you’re going to get played.” -Maya Elious

“In order to really have a successful business you really have to invest in your personal development.”- Maya Elious

“You really have to understand yourself before you can make genuine connections with the people you are meant to serve.”- Maya Elious

“No matter how many times I fall i’m not going to ultimately fail because I am going to get back up and keep going.”- Maya Elious

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