SDH095: Stay True to Your Story | A conversation with Kelly and Andra from With Grace and Gold

Do you work full-time and are unsatisfied with what you do? Are you struggling to find your place in the work place? Maybe you started your side gig as a creative outlet and realized it’s really your passion.

Are you gravitating toward it?

Ready to take the leap, and share your story?

Today’s guests, the daring designers and best friends, Kelly Zugay and Andra Barkey share their story of the leap and how they go beyond branding to help other female entrepreneurs tell their stories with their branding business With Grace and Gold.

Tune in to hear the story behind a business rooted in faith, friendship, and a shared passion for serving women in business.

In this episode, you will…

Strengthen partnerships with project management systems
Uncover conversations you may have to have with your family or self to take the leap
Identify how to set goals for a buffer budget once taking the leap
Acquire the confidence to strengthen your business
Value your businesses unique story
Tune in and get ready to share your story!

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