SDH092: Bringing Your Vision to Life | A conversation with Julie Hightower

Are you waiting for the “perfect” time to go off on your own? Maybe you make up stories and get caught up with the self?

You may lack confidence because you don’t have a degree to backup your passion, but girl are you passionate about it and good at it. You have a vision.

You must fulfill your vision’s purpose..

Your purpose.

You must bring yourself to life..

By bringing your vision to life.

Today’s guest, and host of A Better Day with Julie, Julie Hightower created and fulfilled her vision by never giving up. She had a goal, didn’t take her mind off of it and told the obstacles to move out of her way.

Be a part of the lady boss conversation where we get real and talk about making sacrifices, manifesting visions, and the power of a woman’s intuition.

Tune in and become your own boss!

In this episode, you will..

Realize the benefits of using research outlets that are similar to your passion
Strengthen your entrepreneurial goal with a written vision plan
Improve getting your business off of the ground by being consistent
Understand the importance of following your female intuition
Acquire tips for making your own show


“I honestly did not have the perfect palette or perfect scenario to get started, but I said ‘you know what, why not?’ There is never going to be a perfect time to start it, so why not?” -Julie Hightower

“I studied what I wanted to really be. I looked at the successful people that were doing thing that I wanted to do.” -Julie Hightower

“You can’t be selected without rejection..I got “nos” but the “yeses” out weighed the nos.” -Julie Hightower

“I was making an investment with time, money sacrifices, resources, so I wanted to capitalize as best as I could.. I put myself on a budget.” -Julie Hightower

“Whatever you believe in, it manifests.” -Julie Hightower

“You can’t get ready when you get there. You gotta be preparing right now.” -Julie Hightower

“I don’t have time to have a bad day.” -Julie Hightower

“When you put the faith with the action and the action matches the faith, there is nothing that can stop you.” -Julie Hightower

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