SDH076: Lead Life Uncaged | An Interview with Rebecca Tracey

Are you struggling to find the balance between your work life and personal life? Do you long to travel, but also have a burning desire to get your business booming? It’s time to get focused and have the best of your work world and personal world, living a life uncaged.

Today’s guest, Rebecca Tracey, started her online business, The Uncaged Life, on an 8-month road trip while she was living in a van and rock climbing. She found a way to balance her personal world and work world, and now, she’s helping others who want run an online business do the same!

In this episode, you will learn…

How to leave shiny objects & stay focused
How to stop comparing your business & yourself to others on social media
The importance of marketing
How to deal with failure in a positive way

[Connect with Rebecca: Twitter (@rebecca_tracey,) Facebook (theUncagedLife,) Instagram (@rebeccatracey,) Website:]

Tweet: “Taking breaks is important.” @rebecca_tracey

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