SDH075: Fall Back on Success | An Interview with Alli Elmunzer

You’ve taken the leap. No more lack of inspiration and boredom. Your weekend gig has turned into your full-time show. What you didn’t fully anticipate were the challenges presented by factors like starting a family, competition in the market with your product or service, and something that seems so easy, but is so hard to do in the digital age: staying focused.

Today’s guest, Alli Elmunzer, gives us an inside look into the first 6 months after taking the leap and how to deal with some of the daily struggles and juggles of starting your own business. Alli leaped from the world of law into the realm of photography, helping businesses style and shoot their products in a way that truly represents those products’ value. She also provides a gallery of stock photos through her website, Turquoise & Palm, for businesses to use in creating their own branded online content.

In this episode, you will learn…

About the experience of building a membership site
How to manage an online platform
What the first 6 months “after the leap” are like
How to style a photo & why doing so makes all the difference

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran & Michael Lennington
[Connect with Alli: Twitter (@Turquoise_Palm,) Facebook (turquoiseandpalm,) Instagram (@colorstockphoto,) Pinterest (turquoiseandpalm,) Website: turquoiseandpalm]

Tweet: “We’re emotional buyers. We buy what we want.” @Turquoise_Palm

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