SDH071: Planning Massive Events | An Interview with Amanda Boleyn

Have you ever talked about creating an event with a friend or colleague and, a little while later, found yourself putting that very event on for a crowd of more than 500 people? Thinking and talking about it, you feel comfortable, confident, and capable. But when it comes time to walk the walk, fear of failure – or of success – starts to sneak in and threatens to hold you back. Don’t give it the satisfaction. You were made to do great things; learn to embrace, rather than fear, your potential success.

Today, Amanda shares her experience with creating and running the Young Entrepreneur Convention, which brought together like-minded individuals who have a passion around entrepreneurship.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • The process of putting on a massive event
  • Things Amanda learned along the way that pushed her in unimaginable ways
  • How to not be afraid of potential success
  • Why you need to stop thinking small and start embracing success


Bonus Episode: Living With Routine

Young Entrepreneur Convention


Kevin Harrington

John Lee Dumas

Megan Watt’s Discover Act Engage


[Connect with Amanda: Twitter (@AmandaBoleyn,) Instagram (@amandaboleyn)]

Insights: “I was surrounded with individuals who could think bigger than I could and weren’t afraid of failing.” – Amanda Boleyn

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