SDH064: One Click to Success | Lindsey Anderson

Ever had a moment at work where you discover a need in the industry that has been neglected and feel like you have the solution? Do you sometimes feel like you are called to something greater than your current job? Do you want to branch out and follow your true purpose? Then you’ll want to listen in to this week’s episode. This week’s guest, Lindsey Anderson, discovered a need in the world of web development: traffic and leads. She followed her greater purpose and helps fulfill those needs with Just One Click.

Follow Lindsey’s lead! In this episode, you will learn…

  • Tools & tips for email marketing
  • How to implement social media channels to drive traffic to your
  • Why landing pages can help you get leads
  • The best way to increase open rates in emails


Lindsey’s Traffic and Leads Podcast
Product Launch Formula
Neil Patel Blog
[Connect with Lindsey: Twitter (@oneclicklindsey), Facebook (@moretrafficandleads), Website:oneclicklindsey]


“Number one piece of advice is you have to be consistent, and it’s not going to be an overnight thing.”

“You are going to have those days when nobody responds and you think no one is listening, but they are; they just may not be commenting.”

“The inbox is a very, very, sacred space; maybe one of the only online spaces that we actually feel like we have control over…”

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