SDH063: Blended Business Boss Lady | Julie Bombacino

Have you ever had a problem or need, and an idea for how to resolve it, yet not acted upon your idea? Maybe your job is not related to that need, so you keep pushing your idea further and further into the back of your mind, while you focus on your day-to-day duties. Julie Bombacino decided to stop neglecting her idea and solved a problem for the many others who shared her struggle! Julie’s idea was to make a more practical and healthy formula to feed her son, who has been under a feeding tube since he was six months old. She went from “determined mom” to “Blended Business Boss Lady,” becoming the founder and CEO of Real Foods Blends, which provides 100% blended food for people on feeding tubes, including her son.

If you’re sitting on a great idea, listen in to hear how to make it a reality. You may have the solution that many others are waiting for!

Get Julie’s recipe for success! In this episode, you will…

Discover how to turn a need in your life into a business endeavor
Learn how to assess the market for your product
Find out how to fund getting your product into the market
Hear about hurdles you may encounter as you build your business, and how to overcome them
Find out what books Julie recommends for other boss ladies

● Sheryl Sanberg – Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

● Adriana Trigiani – All the Stars in Heavens: A Novel

[Connect with Julie: Twitter (@RealFoodBlends & @jbombacino), Instagram (@realfoodblends) Facebook (realfoodblends), Website:realfoodblends]

The Perfect Blend Quotes:

“I put my MBA hat back on, that I had retired for a few years to be a mom, and started digging into this.”

“ I don’t sit around thinking ‘I’m a woman entrepreneur.’ I don’t identify like that, but it’s sometimes nice to lean back and think about it.”

“We get a ton of feedback from our customers, which is fantastic. Having that direct relationship with them is just absolutely invaluable.”

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