SDH 300: Why Less is More and A Big Announcement with Amanda Boleyn

I’m super excited to publish this episode today! Most of you who have been tuning in since the beginning and a warm welcome to our new listener, you are all in the right place!

Today we’ll talk about the changes that are coming to She Did It Her Way and the things to consider when expanding your business. We look back at She Did It Her Way and how things had grown from the past few years with all of your help and we’ll have a peek on the messy pieces in creating She Did It Her Way’s podcast, events, webinars and more!

In this episode, you will…

Hear how She Did It Her Way started

Changes that’s coming to the show

Find out about the summit

Discover the strategies behind She Did It Her Way

Hear why we’re tweaking the show

and more!

Tune in to get answers as to why less is more and watch out for the big announcement!

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