SDH 123: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Business with Alex Batdorf

Are you curious about how to run an e-commerce business? Do you ever wonder what is the best way to acquire consumers? Maybe you’re ready to find a business that’s your perfect fit?

Today’s guest and Co-founder, Alex Batdorf, helps people find their perfect brand fit with Zipfit Denim.

In this episode you will

Identify how Zipfit Denim has changed in 5 years

Establish why Alex gets good response from mailers

Analyze the trends of repeat customers

See the benefits of ordering in real time rather than stocking up on retail

Realize the cheapest way to acquire ecommerce consumers

Learn Zipfit Denim’s revenue model

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“Leadership Dojo” by Richard Strozzi-Heckler

“Assholes” by Aaron James


“When you lose your lead, that signals to other investors that something’s wrong here.”-Alex Batdorf

“We always look at channels that are producing a good chunk of revenue for the lowest cost.”-Alex Batdorf

“It is so expensive, when you’re a startup, being pure e-commerce.”- Alex Batdorf

“Before I buy a product I have to look at reviews, because if I don’t I have no feedback.”-Alex Batdorf

“Less than 10% of apparel purchases happen online so that in person component is still so important.”-Alex Batdorf

“If you’re an entrepreneur, you are always having to explain CAP to your investors and you’re investors are always going to push you on making that as cheap as possible, so your customer acquisition cost, the lower you can get it the better it is.”-Alex Batdorf

“Our whole goal for our customer, in general, is that we are going to make sure you understand what brands fit you and across their different fits.”-Alex Batdorf

“Men typically love to buy in bulk the same exact color.”-Alex Batdorf

“Instead of stocking on inventory, we stock samples.”-Alex Batdorf

“When you’re an entrepreneur, I feel like five years feels like 50.”-Alex Batdorf

“Sometimes I think we get so used to feeling busy when we don’t feel that, we’re like ‘i’m not doing enough.”-Alex Batdorf

“There are so many people who are assholes along the way, especially to female entrepreneurs.”-Alex Batdorf

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