SDH 062: Simplify Your Way to Success with Megan Jedlinski

Megan Jedlinski is a fashion blogger turned wardrobe editor and style strategist. She discovered, through her fashion blogging, that she was sending the wrong message to other women, as well as herself. You can find out more about Megan’s styling services and how to uncover your unique style with a healthy and happy mindset at

Stylish Topics
-Her old ways:the typical day of a fashion blogger
-What exactly made her want to stop fashion blogging
-Why simplifying your closet is life changing
-What you can do to simplify your closet
-The magic of Vision Boards
-Why she unsubscribed from many blogs and retailers

Simply Put:
“I knew that I wanted to do personal styling, fashion was always a passion of mine, and helping women feel good about themselves is something I also was really passionate about, so I felt like the two really meshed together.”

“Through fashion blogging I realized that not only did we have this body image issue to address, but also the overconsumption and constant need to keep up with the trends.It was just never enough..”

“The first step is getting really clear on what I really wanted out of life and the goals that I had for the next year or five years. For me, that included doing a vision board, which I know it seems like a lot of work, but understand you are going to need to put in the work to make this last and make this worth your while.”

“I think I had just gotten to the point where I was just so sick of where these clothes had gotten me to, so I didn’t really have a positive association with the clothing anymore.”

“It’s okay to wear something more than once. I think that, especially here in the states, it’s such a like ‘oh my gosh, she wore that to another party.’ I think that’s totally fine and I am not ashamed to be a repeat offender when it comes to my wardrobe.”

“I try to base my shopping more based on ‘is it consciously made, is it socially responsible?’ and I think that might be something , you know if you are having a hard time not shopping, looking into that might help you look at it in a different way.”

“The goal is to leave them with a strategic wardrobe, more confidence, and so that they are really clear on their style too.”

[Connect with Megan: Twitter (@MeganJedlinski), Instagram (@meganjedlinski) Facebook (MeganJedlinski), Website: &meganjedlinski ]

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