SDH 060: Talking Business & Podcasts with Jessica Rhodes

Jessica Rhodes started her career going door to door, fundraising for a non-profit. However, she knew that it was time to leave because of her decision to have children and stay at home. She may have given up on that job, but she couldn’t give up on work. Her dad and fellow entrepreneur introduced her to the world of virtual assisting and from there, she created her own business Interview Connections, a guest booking service for podcast and internet radio shows. After delving into the up and coming world of podcast, she decided to make her own show Rhodes To Success, as well as host Interview Connections TV and co-host the Podcast Producers.

Hot Topics
-Which family member is her business coach
-Fears she had going into podcasting
-How she knew when to scale on the podcast
-What it was like raising her prices
-Why she has her clients apply to be clients
-When she had her “light bulb moment”
-The struggle working while pregnant & how she did it

Podcast Worthy Quotes:
“Knowing what to price your service is so,so hard, because you get into this trap of ‘how much time is this going to take me, and how much am I going to get paid an hour?’ That’s really how you start in a service based business. The thing that I had to learn, in time, is that it’s about the value you are going to provide, not the time it takes you.”

“The more niched you are and more focused you are on one specific service, or product, it can be a lot more profitable.”

“My Dad, has this great saying..gross is for vanity and net is for sanity.”

“Being a solo entrepreneur, there is a lot of fear in every part of the journey.”

“As the business owner, you are not only doing a lot of the tasks that you offer your clients, but you are also trying to market and grow it..In order to launch and grow this other service, I needed more brains in the business. I needed more minds that weren’t focused on marketing, but just focused on serving the clients.”

“I really think that every smart entrepreneur should have their own podcast.”

“What I believe has made me successful is the ability to focus, stay committed and follow through. I think the biggest pitfall entrepreneurs experience is shiny object syndrome.”

[Connect with Jessica: Facebook (@Jessica Rhodes Biz), Website:Interview Connections TV, Rhodes To Success Podcast]

Podcasting Good To Great by Jared Easley
Mike Michalowicz
Podcast Movement

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