SDH 055- Extraordinary eCommerce with Courtney Price

Courtney price left her $25 an hour job to help build a startup on Amazon. She had a different idea of how the business from her prior job should be run, so her boss let her go. She lost her passion, income, and had to move back in with her mom. She felt she had reached her all-time low, until her boyfriend gave her the idea and loan to start her own Amazon business. She did not know that by leaving the security of that job, she would find her passion: ecommerce. Today, Courtney owns and runs an ecommerce jewelry business Kinzie Fashion and children’s jewelry line Penny & Piper.

The Price is Right
-How she left her $25 an hour job to help build a startup company
-Behind the scenes look into selling on Amazon
-Three most rewarding things she got out of her business
-The transparency in the company with employees
-How increased revenue is projected onto employees
-Her philosophy of harnessing weaknesses into strengths
-What you should know before selling on Amazon

Dazzling Quotes:
“I was so excited because I wasn’t doing anything traditional and I just fell in love with ecommerce. It became my passion.”

“I felt like I had hit my ultimate low. I left a job where I was making $25 an hour, and had lost my job at the startup, which I was super passionate about. I was totally broke and moved back in with my mom. It was just this really hard time in my life.”

“Those first six months were probably the hardest thing I ever did in the business… I was doing it by myself, I was super lonely, and every day there was this new challenge that was coming up. There was no road map, or mentor.”

“Building and running my business has taught me so much about myself. It has taught me strengths I didn’t know I had, my weaknesses I need to get better, for me to be the best leader I can be for the company and my employees.”

“Money is really just a tool. It’s a benchmark that represents to us the collective energy and efforts of everyone involved.”

“The goal comes before the path. The path isn’t there when you start. It reveals itself as you keep going. The challenges can’t exist without their solutions.”

“If you want to be successful you have to let that energy go. When you talk about haters, what you are saying to the world is ‘this person has more control within my vision, excitement, and goals, and that’s not true. It’s disempowering to talk about stuff like that. So, stop talking about haters.”

5 tips before you sell on Amazon SDIHW Handout
Sourcing resources- thomasnet, wholesalecentral, HKTDC

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