SDH 052: Catching Up with Samantha Thomas

She Did It Her Way is checking in with Samantha Thomas, creator, and host of the lifestyle blog/web-series, Small TALK.

You may remember Samantha as the TV news producer turned food producer to eventually hosting her own series, Small TALK, from episode 012. Stay tuned to hear the original episode after the check-in.

Samantha tells us a little bit more about how she married her careers in news and food to help create Small TALK.

She even shares a city outing and exciting new partnership with Toyota USA, #GoPlacesWithSmallTALK, and how her consistency helped her obtain it.

“I am a thinker. I am a constant thinker; sometimes an over-thinker. Some of my biggest successes have come when I didn’t think about it too much and just jumped out there.”
[Connect with Samantha Twitter,(@Talk2Samantha_),Instagram,(@talk2samantha), Youtube (Small Talk Web Show),]

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