SDH 051: Catching Up with Shauna Mackenzie

She Did It Her Way checks in with Shauna Mackenzie, creator of 30 Days of No and Best Kept Self.

Yes, you may remember Shauna as the stress relieving guru for businesses from episode 001. Stay tuned for the original episode after the check in.

Yes, Shauna’s site has had over 30 writers contributing to help business owners and entrepreneurs manage stress in 2015 and you can submit as well!

No, many business bosses do not make themselves their number one priority, and Shauna shares how you can change with her latest project, The Yes Diet.

“Burnout: When you do that to yourself, you can’t think creatively, and you can’t make the decisions you need to make. You essentially just push off success that is waiting for you.”|TWITTER:TWEET|
[Connect with Shauna Twitter,(@MsShaunaMack),Instagram,(@shaunamackenzie),bestkeptself, 30daysofno]

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