Wendy has always loved giving to and helping others. In 1999, when she saw a shocking statistic about animal euthanization, she decided she wanted to lower this statistic by bringing celebrities and pop culture into the animal rescue world. She founded Animal Fair Media to promote animal welfare and rescue. Her passion to give back to the world did not only kept growing from there.

When Wendy Diamond booked a trip to Honduras two years ago, she did not know that it was on the “No Fly” list, and that it would be the most enlightening trip of her life, inspiring her to create Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. There seemed to be a day about everything, from donuts to bubble baths, but what about women? Since her trip, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day has been launched at the UN, represented by 144 countries, and 81 universities and colleges.

The Wave of Wendy
-How she brought her knowledge from the animal rescue world to the world of Women
-The three Guinness Book of World Records titles she earned
-How she got Women’s entrepreneurship day recognized by 144 countries
-The different ways women all over the world celebrate
-What her typical day looks like
-Women you may not have known created well-known products
-How she unplugs her mind

Wendy’s Words of Wisdom
“You’ve heard of Steve Jobs. You’ve heard of Bill Gates. Well, let’s start hearing about women.”

“As an entrepreneur, it’s not about the money, or fame. It’s really about being so passionate about what you are doing, that you are not going to let anything get in your way. You are just going to keep going in the toughest moment.”

“We have been dealing with people trying to appropriate our day, trying to kill us..”

“Everybody is a small business. You don’t just start as a big business. That’s why you need to support people who are taking that risk. ”

“I am a giver. I want to help everyone in the world and I am not a taker. I would never want anything without giving anything. I am really a good egg. I am from Ohio.”

“Women entrepreneurship day is everyday. Celebrate, empower, and support women in business.”

“I have no fear. I have nothing to gain, nothing to lose from this project. But the world has a lot to gain.”

“Don’t spend time on people who are not supported, or people who don’t get back to you. This world is a big place. You are going to find people who are going to want to support you, who are going to want to be helpful, and those are the people you need to spend your time working with and supporting.”

“Time is all we have in life. You just have to realize this life is to be celebrated and enjoyed. Find something you are passionate about because in the hardest times you are going to still keep going.”

“What I am going through creating this day, is what women go through starting businesses.”

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