SDH 035: Bold is the New Black with Lauren McKeague

It is hard to find a job right out of college, let alone start a business, yet Lauren McKeague defied the odds. Immediately after she graduated Columbia College of Chicago in 2007, she took a leap of faith and created her own clothing company, Pink Slip Boutique. Pink Slip Boutique began as a special occasion dress boutique and blossomed into Ready To Wear, and even accessories, with a goal of dressing women for life’s most special moments. Not only is Lauren the owner, but also the buyer, and helps with the operational work. Lauren has utilized technology to expand her company online as well as use her creative ingenuity at local universities through the Pink Slip University Rep program.

How Lauren left the corporate world to start her own fashion boutique
The transition from a brick and mortar business to online
The technological tools that help her manage her store
Managing her business without a business degree/background
Strategies for keeping her creative ideas in check
The most amazing part of being a business owner, as well as the hardest part
What she reads to inspire creativity
“I knew that corporate America was not going to be my thing and just knew what I really wanted to do.”

“I had this idea [of owning my own business], I wanted to do it; I just didn’t really think much about it. In my head there wasn’t ‘this isn’t going to work.’ I just started [my business plan] and went with it.”

“I had no idea what I was doing when I started, I was only 24 and failure really wasn’t an option. I don’t know if I was naïve; I wish I could say why I was so disconnected from the enormity of what I was doing at the time.”

“For me this is never about the money, it’s about how good I feel after I accomplish something.”

“I like to take direction from people who may not be in the field, because it brings in a new aspect.”

“I put my energy looking into [inspirational materials] that are a little more timeless, or beautiful to look at. Those are the things that inspire me more than hearing how someone else did something; I like to make my own path.”

[Connect with Lauren: Twitter (@pinkslipdresses & @LaurenMichelleM), Instagram (@pinkslipboutique), Website:Pink Slip Boutique,]
Big Cartel
Light Speed
The Pink Slip Rep Program
The Art and Flair of Mary Blair – Mary Blair
Girl Boss – Sophia Amoruso

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