SDH 033: Thinking One Step Ahead with Katy Lynch

Katy Lynch is the CEO of Techweek and founder of SocialKaty (now ManifestDigital) a social media marketing firm.

Techweek is a weeklong technology conference and festival that currently happens in 7 cities around the U.S. and one international city. Everything from a conference, expo, hackathon, grand tour, hiring fair – a weeklong celebration for entrepreneurs and people within the community like startup founders, VCs, press, aspiring CTOs and everything more.

We Talk About:
· Her beginning in startups – first community manager
· Starting her own company that helped other entrepreneurs get their footing with social media marketing – SocialKaty (sold to ManifestDigital)
· Building her business, adding team members, and how it was so successful
· Starting another company and the introduction of Techweek
· Growing with her business, knowing when to grow the team and put processes in place
· Favorite thing about running the company and biggest challenge
· Setting expectations with clients when writing proposals
· Transitioning from SocialKaty to Techweek
· Katy’s typical day at Techweek

Notable Quotes:
“It was really just me being incredibly scrappy and banging on the doors of entrepreneurs.”

“One of the reasons why we were so successful was because we specialized in just that one thing. – We really just did one thing and did it well.”

“As all entrepreneurs do, once you’ve started a business, and you’ve raised money for a business, and you’ve sold the business, you want to do it all over again.”

“One of my strengths was always thinking one step ahead.”

“Hiring the right people creates happy clients, but it also creates an awesome culture.”

“You have to just be really diligent about your day.”

“Trust your gut.”

“99% of the time your intuition is right. If your intuition is telling you to do something and you feel really good about that thing, do it.”

“Take more risks.”

[Connect with Katy & Techweek: Twitter (@thekatylynch, @TechweekCHI), Instagram (@techweekinc), e-mail:]

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