SDH 029: Create & Cultivate (a behind the scenes look) with Jaclyn Johnson

Jaclyn is a master in the digital marketing space, as well as a marketing, branding, design, fashion, and lifestyle extraordinaire. Within the past 6 years she founded and established her company (NO SUBJECT) as one of the go-to marketing and events agencies in Los Angeles and works with some very powerful brands. She was recently named 30 under 30 in Forbes Magazine for marketing and advertising and has been featured in a multitude of popular publications.

(NO SUBJECT) – The “mother brand” started almost 6 years ago – is a creatively driven marketing, events, and influencer agency working primarily with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to do fun events, marketing campaigns, marketing brands and brokering deals.

Create & Cultivate – started 4 years ago – began as a conference partnership and has grown into a conference for female entrepreneurs in the digital space. (we dive in on this in the #pod)

On Holiday – an experiential pop-up space to work with different brands. Will be changing out the pop-up every month and launching a magazine.

Tune in more to hear Jaclyn’s story and how she did it her way!

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