SDH 028: Setting Intentions and Making Sacrifices with Lyn Filbey

Lyn is a Broker Associate at Baird & Warner selling luxury real estate in Chicago. She has a fascinating story on the journey she took and the hustle she maintained to get to a place she wanted to be in her life with positive self-talk, ambitions intention setting, and a lot of hard work. In this episode we dive deep with Lyn’s story on how she eased her way out of a lifestyle she knew, wasn’t what she wanted, how she made sacrifices to achieve her goals, and continues to set intentions and make it known to herself and others every single day.

We talk about:
· Her time in grad school and second thoughts on becoming a physical therapist
· Building a business then letting it go
· Writing intentions, goal setting, and visualization boards
· Her introduction into real estate, investing, and getting her license
· Going out on her own – burning the candle at both ends
· Downsizing and listening to her gut instincts
· Updating and making affirmations more objective
· How she budgeted and thought about what expenses to cut out of her lifestyle and what she needed to be successful
· Her fears around making the decision to take control of her life
· Easy steps to setting intentions

Notable Quotables:

“When I was in grad school I just knew I wasn’t where I needed to be. I could see myself being somewhere else.”

“We wrote our affirmations and very quickly saw changes happening in our lives just from writing out these goals.”

“I just knew that I was going to have my own business and I was going to be an entrepreneur, by hook or by crook.”

“All the hours I was working at the clinic was just to maintain this lifestyle. What was the point?”

“As much as those little things make you feel good, it doesn’t make you feel as good as having a good night’s rest.”

“I realized, looking back, that everything that I had done [through setting intentions] had led up to this point.”

“Taking a risk and being reckless are two very different things.”

“Every little thing that was not a necessity had to go.”

“I just knew that I had to hustle.”

“I knew that if every day I put in 100%, even if I had to walk away in 6 months and go back to doing physical therapy, at least I knew I’d given it a shot, and at least I knew I had tried. Because I did not want to live my life regretting it.”

“When you do the hard work and you’re productive every single day, it’s hard to get impatient.”

“Self-talk, positive affirmations, and putting in the work”

Intention Setting Lesson:

What is it that you want for your life? If you could have everything that you wanted to have, what would it look like? Write those goals down.

As things start to materialize you can be more specific.

Tell yourself, and tell others your intentions every day.

[Contact Lyn: LinkedIn, Facebook (Lyn Filbey Realty), Twitter (@FilbeyRealty),]

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