SDH 025: Career and Life Changes (a deep-dive on franchising) with Hoddy Potter

Owner of two Bar Method studios in Kansas City, 35-year old mother of three, and a stage-four cancer survivor.
Bar Method is a low-weigh, high-intensity exercise classes creating hot bodies and supporting women.
Strong women, strong bodies, strong minds.

“I hated my job as a lawyer, and I had fallen in love with this bar method thing”

We talk about:

  • Her move from San Francisco to the Midwest (Kansas)
  • Franchising – The what, where, who, and how
  • How Hoddy made the decision to open up a Bar Method
  • From client, to desk clerk, to teacher, to “micro-investor”, to franchiser

“You might love the sandwich that you just ate for lunch, but you should probably buy 100 sandwiches before you go open a Subway franchise.”

Tune in more to hear Hoddy’s story and how she did it her way!

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