SDH 019: Building a Mountain to Climb with Sarah Kunst

Sarah is a venture partner at Future Perfect Ventures and Fortis, an investor, a contributing editor for Marie Claire Magazine, and a startup, incubator, and accelerator advisor. Sarah is also involved in philanthropic efforts where she serves on the board of Venture for America and is very active in Help Us Adopt.

“From a really early age I realized that making money was fun because then I could buy whatever I wanted.”

Tell us about one of your mistakes in investing: Finding companies that I love that just need a few of tweaks and not recognizing that the founders of those companies are not interested in change.

“With the right people, if somebody really values your insight, you generally are going to get paid back for giving of yourself, giving of your time, and helping people.”

Tune in to hear more about Sarah’s journey and how she did it her way!

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