SDH 018: Embracing Vulnerability with Sara Davidson

Sara Davidson is the founder and CEO of Hello Fearless, The School for Female Entrepreneurs created to help women start, grow and scale companies, while unleashing their full potential as women. Hello Fearless offers Boss School, a 90-day online course and exclusive society of badass women getting equipped with the tools and skills to whip their dream businesses into shape and finally make the money they deserve.

“When your entire identity is surrounded by the same goals as a company, your career, or a job and you lose it all at once […] It was a big wake-up call”

Alignment :: Living your true purpose

Worked with the Global Foundation of Entrepreneurship to launch an online curriculum available to women regardless of where they are located in the world – Enter:: Boss School

Boss School offers a community of support and learning preferences accessible any time for every learner.

Building an Online Course:

Ask yourself: What is your desired result that your target customer will have at the end of the course?

Put up a sales page and pre-sell to see if people bite!

Think of the flow and how each module builds upon one another

Bake in accountability by partnership

Using the right platform for website/course functionality

Working with subcontract developers

Developer and designers come through references

“Don’t ever make decisions out of a scarcity mindset”

Tune in to hear more about Sara’s journey and how she did it her way!

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