SDH 016: Steps to Building a Mobile App with Kim Harrod

Kim Harrod is the CEO and Founder of Keepsayk – The Instant Scrapbook of Your Life

An iPhone app that allows you to create beautiful, sharable scrapbooks right from your phone using photos, videos, text captions and sharing via text, email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. For all of those who are “time starved but experience rich!” ← [we love this!]

Launching Keepsayk 2.0 July in NYC at Blogher, a conference focused on social publishing for women.

“It can be really challenging, especially when you’re juggling real-life with your career-life”

Kim shares her background story and professional experience. With a finance background she started in investment banking and corporate development then jumped into middle-market buyouts. – She knows what it takes to be a professional women in a male-dominated industry.

“It’s sort of funny when you hear about ‘lean in’, I think of it more as just ‘hang on!’”

Having had 4 kids while working in private equity, she struggled to find the time. With her first two she had baby books and calendars, her third child did not have a baby book and maybe had a calendar, but her youngest daughter … forget it.

“Why can’t I be using this phone to capture these great moments?”

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