SDH 008: Creating Opportunities with Hillary Sawchuk

Hillary is the founder of A Drink With, a publication of weekly feature interviews with top celebrities, actors, artists, and other influencers. Hillary created A Drink With as a ‘side hustle’ to her full-time job after moving to Chicago and knowing she needed to figure out how to stay while doing something that she loved.

“Put yourself where you want to be. Maybe you’re not there in the capacity you want to be at yet, but just get there somehow.”

In our interview we dig into the evolution of A Drink With, current partnerships with exciting big names and Hillary’s vision for the company looking forward. We learn how the company came to fruition, how they get the big names to say yes to an interview, and Hillary’s most star struck moments. Hillary shares her interview prep routine, a day in her life, and quality advice for ladies, like us, looking to leave their mark on the world. “I do love talking to those big celebrities, musicians, and actors, but I never want to lose getting to know the local influencers and people in your town.”

Find Hillary @: Instagram and Twitter (@HillarySawchuk) Find A Drink With @: Instagram, and Twitter (@ADrinkWith) and ADrinkWith.Com subscribe to get emails when pieces are posted!

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