SDH 001: Executing Entrepreneurship with Shauna Mackenzie

She Did It Her Way Podcast interviews Shauna Mackenzie, the owner of Best Kept Self, an online platform for self-starting women. The company publishes content, daily, and offers online and one-on-one consulting programs. A lifestyle brand for women full of quality information on beauty, style, health; oh, and our favorite, the #bestkeptselfie campaign promoting positive self-talk <- we’ve signed the petition to stop the madness, have you?! 

The company began (when Shauna was 22 – get it girl!) as an image consulting agency, and it has since evolved into an all-inclusive resource for entrepreneurial women and their self-started businesses. Shauna and her collective of experts are total rockstars!

Shauna also founded and co-owns The Studio for Image Professionals, a training and certificate program to educate other individuals on becoming image consultants.

Not to mention – her and her hubs owns a vacation rental company… umm what?! An airbnb houseboat(!!!)       – This girl knows the business! [And we may be vacationing on a houseboat soon…]

“Once you discover what you really want to be doing, it makes your day job absolutely miserable.”

Getting Started Meeting with clients | blogging | networking | refining marketing verbiage | building the brand | keeping an eye on competitors | staying up to date with education 

Tune in to learn more!

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