Quitting Your Job & Moving Beyond Your Corporate Identity with Amanda Boleyn (Rebroadcast)

I want to dive into the emotional and mental transition from working corporate to becoming your own boss entails. Last month in an episode, “How a Bridge Job can Help You Make Your Ultimate Leap” I shared how you can make tiny transitions to help move you towards becoming your own boss. I spent the majority of the solocast discussing the mechanics and today I want to talk about the things unseen, what happens to us mentally and emotionally during that time of transition and sometimes, even after we’ve made our leap.

In this episode, you will,

  • Learn about the emotional and mental transition from corporate
  • Discover about Identity shift
  • Found out what happens before, during and after the identity shift takes place
  • Ways you can practice reinforcing your ‘new’ identity
  • What it’s like to be your own boss
  • Hear about what happens after the leap



  • “If your ego didn’t creep in when you’re about to do something scary, you would be an anomaly.”
  • “Where you have to be careful is believing what people are saying to you. Everything is relative. So first, to them, you might be “crazy” because they would NEVER consider doing what you’re about to do. So to them. You’re crazy. That’s okay. Because on the flip side, them staying in a job that they don’t love, doing the grind every single day because they don’t want to get uncomfortable and put themselves out there to build a better life, makes them CRAZY.”


SDH 335: How A Bridge Job Can Help You Take Your Ultimate Leap with Amanda Boleyn

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