Practical Uses for Tote Bags

For people on the go, a tote bag, or tote for short, can be a handy way to carry all they need from point A to point B. You can think of tote bags as being a sort of multi-purpose handbag. The dictionary defines a tote bag as “a large and strong bag.” The tote bag is a versatile accessory which can be both functional and fashionable.

The tote bag has gained more popularity in recent times as a symbol for the environmentally concerned individual, as more and more people ditch typical plastic bags for the reusable tote. Many retailers have also jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon and are selling reusable totes to bag their products. You can make them, buy them printed, or customize your own, while tote bags are available in a variety of materials, the cloth and canvas tote bags are the most popular choice. There are a number of ways to use tote bags.

1. Take It Shopping with You

This is the most common use, as tote bags are often even called shopping totes. Because of the fact that tote bags are sturdy and spacious, they are perfect to bring home the haul from your shopping trips. People often take their totes to the supermarket or the mall, opting to use them instead of the plastic options available at the store.

2. Take It to Work, School, or to the Gym

Tote bags are great if you have a lot of books or materials to carry. A standard tote is usually large enough to carry a number of books, stationary, or even a laptop. In fact, many students prefer carrying a tote in college instead of a backpack. The tote is also ideal to take to the gym. You can use it to hold your change of clothes, water and towel. You can get totes in different colors and design variations to match your personal style or make a statement.

3. Use as Home Storage

Totes are available in lots of cute and colorful designs and all sorts of sizes. I find they are an excellent way to keep your home organized and fulfill your storage needs. You can hang a smart tote on a hook next to your staircase as a catchall for the things you leave on the stairs hoping that your kids will take them up. They can also be hung on the inside of your closet door as a handy place to store toiletries or unmentionables.

4. Take It to the Beach or Picnic

Sometimes when you’re in the mood for a quick picnic in the park or on the beach with your family, a large tote can be a carryall that is perfect. You can easily fit food, drinks, and snack items, as well as a picnic blanket in it. Alternatively, each kid could pack a smaller tote for their own stuff.

5. Take It on Your Travels

You might be skeptical about this, but hear me out. If you are going on a road trip and you’re short on space to fit your luggage in your car, tote bags are the best substitute. Ditch your large hardtop suitcases and pack in tote bags instead. It is far easier to fit several totes in your trunk than several suitcases. Trust me on this one. It is tried and tested.

6. Stash Your Laundry in It

Tote bags are excellent to hold all your dirty laundry in one place until you have the chance to wash it. Hang one on the back of each of your kid’s bedroom doors and it will save you from having to pick it off the floor every time you want to run a load. A smaller tote is perfect to hold your laundry and keep it separate from your clean clothes while traveling.

These are just some ideas off the top of my head. Tote bags are so versatile, that they can be used for a hundred things in a hundred ways. You can make them yourself or buy them in bulk, you can even buy plain ones and up-cycle them. Regardless, they are a great, eco-friendly, and reusable resource.

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