Planning, Deciding and Executing Your Ultimate Leap with Victoria Marcouillier

Victoria is a wife, mamma-to-be, and the CEO of BrandWell Marketing. BrandWell is a website and branding studio for the female entrepreneur who wants to level up her business with stylish and professional branding. Victoria recently launched her template shop with everything a girl needs to streamline her business’s branding, including website templates, customizable welcome packets, Instagram graphics, and more. Victoria is expecting her first baby girl, Maia, in June and lives in Lynchburg, VA with her husband James.

In this episode you,

  • Hear about Victoria’s own journey
  • Realize that each entrepreneurial journey is different
  • Find your calling when starting your journey
  • Learn that the start is never perfect!
  • Get tips about the leap-transition
  • Be able to identify the hints before leaving your job
  • Get insights on hiring your first assistant



“Do you want to be a millionaire? I’ll tell you how… Find a need. Meet it.”

“Don’t quit too soon.”

‘Treat your business like it’s bigger than it really is. In other words, take it seriously. If you have 20 followers, show up for them with high-quality content like you have 2,000 followers.”



Brand Well Marketing


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