One More Thing: Apple MacBook Air And Pro Expected


This morning Apple had announced its third event “One More Thing” on the 10th of November. They said this time there would be a huge break away from the tradition of Apple. This was further explained that Apple would now shift from Intel to its own Arm-based CPU. Apple, therefore, has huge plans to unfold new variants in laptops such as Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with this new custom-based processor. The variants of the MacBooks would be a 13 inch and 13 inch and 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro. 

There were many hints that there would be an event as this was estimated in the last Apple iPhone launch event. There are also the latest Apple Watch and iPads that were launched in this event. The computers getting the first new customized processors was confirmed finally even though Bloomsberg had heard ample rumors about it. It is being understood that Apple might also introduce a redesigned iMac, a Mac Pro that is half-sized, and a mini Mac that would run the processor. 

New-CPU in the lineup for Apple MacBook?

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook had said in the announcement that the Arm-based Macs that the process of the new CPU is in the lineup. The custom chipset would take around two years to actually come into full function. This gives the customers a rough time to prepare themselves. There is also a rumor that more computers outside the Apple line might start making laptops and computers using the custom-based CPUs. The real deal here is that, however, that the processing is still going to take quite a time. The developers under the ecosystem of Apple MacBook are trying to make the Arm-based processor run on Apple  MacBook and iPad devices. 

If all turns in successfully then it might hit the market as soon as possible. Moreover, an important characteristic of the arms-based processor would be that the ability to run software on iOS that is specifically designed for the Apple ecosystem will be enabled by the macOS Big Sur update. This will enable the connectivity issue of Apple furthermore. While in the earlier models, the iOS running software under Apple MacBook was close to connecting would now be even faster and better.  It was further discussed in the event of “one more thing” that the OS update would soon have a lunch date as Apple is working on it. 

Apple is by far one of the trusted companies doing business in the tech world. It is one of the best because of how they deal with privacy concerns. The bringing of a new OS into the system will now change the entire ball game of privacy and connectivity for its users. The shift from Intel to the personalized Arm-based operating system is to create more faithful customers and bring them into the Apple ecosystem. This will help Apple not only to create more profit for the company but to also give their customer an experience of a lifetime.

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