Not Feeling the Whole Planning for 2020 Thing? You’re Not Alone with Amanda Boleyn

Before we start this solocast, I wanted to share that today I actually did something that I haven’t done in a really really long time, which I called an “audible.” This means, at the final minute, I made a decision that was different than the plan. Today, there was actually supposed to be a different podcast episode for you to tune into, but over the weekend I had felt on my heart and my intuition that what I am sharing today is what needed to be shared, not what was originally scheduled. I’ve been going through a transformation of really trying to listen to my intuition and follow those hits of inspiration when I get them. And so today, you’re getting this podcast episode instead of the one that was scheduled,

Let’s talk about planning and not planing, especially for the coming year when there are so many people talking about 2020 and your goals and what’s your vision and what do you want. And

to be honest, sometimes we don’t all feel that.

In this episode you will…

  • Get tips on how to properly plan your year
  • Find out the sizable time to plan
  • Learn why forcing your plan isn’t always the best
  • Hear about the questions to ask to help you when planning your next goal
  • Discover some steps to help you plan accordingly
  • Know the importance of finding what excites you
  • Understand that challenges are there to sharpen you



“If we’re trying to constantly force things and fill our calendars with specific things that we’ve already planned out and there’s no space for magic. That’s going to be challenging.”

“It’s not a problem with finding information. It’s more of having discipline to cert to discern the information to turn off social media to not listen to a podcast episode this week, or multiple podcast episodes this week, and to filter out the information that’s coming in because if we are not taking time to filter that we could then be finding ourselves in a position of doing things, simply because other people are doing that.”

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