nDash Review – Is it Worth Joining this Platform as a Freelance Writer?

For many freelance writers, finding clients can be the trickiest part of the job. Sure, there are job boards like ProBlogger and AFW, but pretty much every freelance writer in the world who isn’t booked out is also looking for a job there.  

Not to mention, it can be quite the hunt to find opportunities that actually pay a decent amount for your hard work.

But one platform called nDash seeks to offer serious writers a solution to that problem.

As a freelancer myself, I was curious about the platform, and last year I signed up to try it out. 

After my experience, I wanted to share this nDash review to help you determine for yourself if it’s worth joining the platform as a freelance writer.

What exactly is nDash? 

nDash is a content platform where both brands and writers sign up to connect on writing projects. The platform strives to separate itself from other similar freelancing sites by thoroughly vetting its writers and facilitating transparency between the client and the writer. 

In other words, nDash emphasizes obtaining quality writers and developing strong client-writer relationships. 

Unlike content mills, you won’t be competing against countless other writers only to earn pennies for your valuable time. The platform is structured to attract brands that are willing to pay for quality content.

The Signup and Verification Process

nDash wants strong writers, so there is a bit of hoop-jumping involved to get full access to everything the platform offers. 

The first step is signing up by filling out a simple form on their homepage. 

Before signing up, it’s worth noting that nDash writers must have an account with Stripe, as this is the only method of payment they offer. 

After you sign up, you need to fill out your writer profile with as much detail as possible to get verified. 

Your profile is what the nDash team uses to vet writers before validating them. The primary purpose behind this is to make sure you’re a real person with real credentials. 

While you don’t need to meet every requirement, you significantly increase your chances of getting verified if you have the following:

  • Writing samples that demonstrate proficiency in your chosen niche
  • A detailed, well-written profile 
  • Links to your LinkedIn profile (or other social network profiles)
  • Your real name (they are not big fans of pen names)
  • Education and work experience in your niche
  • Recommendations from previous clients 

Admittedly, this means that if you are brand-spanking new to the world of freelance writing, you may have trouble becoming a verified writer. However, it’s free to sign up, so you lose nothing by trying. 

Once you finish filling in your profile, you click the “request verification” button and wait for them to approve you. 

If you don’t get approved, you can update your profile once you have a little more experience and reapply after 90 days.

Finding Work

Once you’re verified, you get access to all the brand profiles and job opportunities. 

nDash claims that about 60% of the paid assignments start as a writer pitch. Realistically, I wouldn’t be surprised if the figure was even higher than that.

So to make the most of the platform, you will definitely need to get your pitch on!

There is a “browse assignments” button where companies request idea pitches or specific assignments. 

However, I have found that there aren’t usually many brands actively posting these open assignments, which means you may need to rely more on the platform’s other features for securing work. 

For example, another way to land a gig is to write an “industry pitch,” which is a content idea pitch that is visible to any brand on nDash. If a brand likes the idea, they can purchase it. (But you can only sell each idea to one brand.) 

You can also pitch specific brands individually. If you visit a brand’s profile page, learn what kind of content they are interested in and craft your pitch based on that.

Another option is to write and upload entire articles or blog posts for purchase. This is a great option if you already have written content but no home for it. Once you upload the content, the nDash team can market it to prospective clients. 

The last way that writers get work on nDash is when brands seek out writers first. This does happen, and I have myself been contacted first for assignments before!

Establishing Rates

This might be the part of the nDash review you’re most interested in – how much money you can make!

The good news is you get to set your own rates, and brands are typically willing to pay well for quality content. You definitely won’t be quoting “race-to-the-bottom” rates to win writing jobs. 

Not only can you set your rates on your profile, but you can also set rates for a specific project. 

nDash’s website states that the average assignment ranges from $150-$450, and I have found this to be accurate in my experience. 

Another great feature is that you can counter-offer rates if the rate the brand offered you is lower than you’re willing to take.

Working with Clients

All the communication and work is completed within the nDash platform. 

Once you have accepted an assignment, you can access it from your dashboard, where you’ll find a text editor. On the left-hand side of the text editor, you will find a summary of what the client is looking for, the due date, and the agreed-upon rate. 

Below the text editor is the comment thread where you and the client can communicate back and forth and send files. 

I found this setup straightforward to use, making it a cinch to work with clients. 

I did run into a problem once using the editor, where it would not save my work properly. The nDash team was quick to resolve this when I reached out, but just in case, I now always write my content in a Word or Google Doc first, and then copy and paste into the editor once it’s finished.

Once finished, you simply hit the submit button, and the client will review and approve the work.

nDash Support

If you have any questions or issues, you can reach out to the platform’s support team via the contact form on their help page.

I did have to reach out to them a couple of times regarding questions or concerns I had (like the text editor issue), and they were helpful and quick to respond.

Getting Paid

As mentioned earlier, all writers on nDash are paid via Stripe. Once the client approves the assignment, you will automatically receive a payment within 2-5 business days. 

The payment you receive will be the exact amount you agreed upon with the client. nDash takes its service fees from the brand, not the writer.

Although I have always preferred PayPal in the past, I had no issues creating and connecting a Stripe account, and in all of my nDash assignments, I was paid promptly with no issues.

nDash Review Summary

nDash offers a legitimate way for serious freelancers to find high-paying writing gigs. Whether you prefer pitching companies directly or submitting pre-written work for sale, there are a variety of ways to earn money on nDash! 

Granted, it may not be suitable for beginners, but those who are a little more seasoned may find some success in expanding their client roster. 

In the end, it costs nothing to apply, so it’s definitely worth the effort to set up a profile and see where it takes you!


  • Once you find a brand you match well with, it can often become a source of ongoing work.
  • Writing jobs secured through this platform tend to pay well.
  • Great support staff. 
  • Free to sign up.


  • Writers must have a Stripe account to get paid. If you are in a country that can’t use Stripe, you won’t be able to use nDash. 
  • If you are a newer writer and you don’t have any writing samples or experience, it may be harder to get verified.
  • Not many brands are actively seeking content, which means you’ll need to do a little more of the legwork when finding and pitching brands on the platform.

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