My Process For Writing A Bestselling Book

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Writing a book is one of the most amazing things you can ever accomplish as an entrepreneur and seeing your book on Amazon, in bookstores or in people’s hands is such an incredible feeling!

If you would love to write your own book, feel like you’ve got a message to share, a powerful voice and loads of amazing ideas, but your logical brain keeps stopping you from getting those ideas out on paper, then this episode is exactly what you need!

I struggled for years and had really bad writer’s block before I discovered a few key tips and mindset shifts that helped me to get all my ideas and messages out of me and into a bestselling book!

So in this episode, I share with you:

  • The first hit of inspiration I had and the very first version of the book I wrote (and how that inspiration wore off really quickly!).
  • The time I decided to turn down an offer from a publisher because I couldn’t find the right inspiration to write my book.
  • How I almost missed my contract deadline to write my book with Hay House (and the realisation I had that completely changed everything!)
  • My 7-step process for writing a bestselling book that will help you tune in with yourself and get powerful content and ideas out of you. 

I hope you love this episode and to celebrate the 4-year anniversary of She Means Business, we’re doing a huge giveaway where you can win an Inspiration Box full of goodies from Carrie & Co

All you have to do to enter with a chance to win is take a picture of yourself listening to this episode, share it on Instagram Stories and tag us @femaleentrepreneurassociation 

If you would love to see more behind the scenes of my book journey, make sure you check out these fun vlogs:

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My 2013 Interview with Gabby Bernstein

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My Process For Writing A Bestselling Book

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