Mirella Mordoki Explains the Importance of Keeping Your Business Organized

Organized Business
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A sound system of organization is one of the most important aspects of operating a successful, long-standing business, reinforcing its ability to reach targets, prioritize goals, and plan for the future.

Mirella Mordoki, an accountant and entrepreneur located in Fullerton, California, shares some of the vital ways that organization contributes to a business’s structure and long-term prospects.

A Proactive Workforce

Strong organization introduces systems that allow a business to carry out its work in a timely fashion. As a result, employees can drive the business forward rather than being constantly stuck in a reactive environment that impedes progression and work comfortably. When a business owner and, by extension, his or her personnel, become entangled in a web of disorganization, then the problems begin to mount. Paperwork is misplaced, consumers are neglected, and every project appears to be time-consuming. By keeping the business organized, you ensure that the operations will run smoothly and strategically.

Consumer Satisfaction

When internal organization issues characterize a company’s reputation, customer service suffers, Mirella Mordoki asserts. Over time, as the frustration boils over, these consumers might decide to spend their money elsewhere. Take a business’s online order processing system, for example; if it is lacking in organization, customers will receive their product or service at a later date than what was anticipated. A company built around organizational pride will boost consumer satisfaction and its revenue stream, while also preventing any erroneous, additional charges during the billing cycle.

Calming Influence

Functioning in an unorganized environment, a business owner and staff members will be regularly perturbed, bothered, and tense, Mirella Mordoki says. These are the consequences when the general atmosphere is chaotic, creating an uphill struggle and excessive stress for all of the employees. After experiencing such discontent on a normal basis, it might even transfer over and affect an individual’s outside life. Apply a system of organization and stress will be less of a factor within the company.

Removes Multi-Tasking

Although multi-tasking is beneficial and downright required sometimes, an organized business can cut down on these hectic situations. Then, employees can concentrate on attaining personal goals and gain a perspective on their priorities. Studies from the Journal of Experimental Psychology suggest that multi-tasking eats up time, leading to distractions, mistakes, and memory lapses.

Helpful at Tax Time

An organized business will pay great dividends when the time comes to file taxes because you will not be forced to track down documents, says Mirella Mordoki. Any lost paperwork, particularly if your company undergoes an audit, is bound to be problematic. With basic accounting software utilized to track expenses, sales, and receivables, a business can remain organized through the course of tax season.

Tracks the Financials

Finally, organization is essential towards a business’s aim of maintaining a steady financial management program. A capable system monitors receivables and tracks the cash flow, preventing the possibility of unpaid balances. But, an organized business owner oversees precisely how much funds are coming in and what is going out, adjusting their tactics on either end whenever necessary.

Final Thoughts from Mirella Mordoki

While it is impossible to guarantee success, having organization in your business will at least set you up and put you on the right path. With no organization, you won’t be able to keep track of money coming in and going out, important paperwork, and orders that need to be fulfilled. With a good organization system, you will at least keep yourself out of audit territory and will be in a better position to retain customers, says Mirella Mordoki.

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