Leaving Law School to Building a 7-Figure Online Empire with Jasmine Star

Harnessing her chutzpah and hustle, Jasmine empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand, market it on social media, and create a life they love. Some days you’ll find her featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC magazine, other days you’ll find her going Live on Instagram, hosting Ask Me Anything sessions on Facebook, and empowering business owners to build a life they love on her podcast, The Jasmine Star Show.

She’s sitting with us today to unpack about her story, when she graduated from college, why she quit law-school, and how she started her own business! Many of you are in this space of either thinking you want to start a business or knowing what business you want to start but doesn’t dare to take that leap yet, then Jasmine is here to share how her leap journey was and where she’s at today in her business.

In this episode, you will…

Be confident and chase your passion

Do what you love and not what you are forced to do

Realize that in business not being where you want to be, is the norm

Discover the importance of social conversation

Find out how to use online media to your business advantage

Learn that there’s no perfect business

Don’t be afraid to put up your content even if it’s not that perfect

Find out how to get your audience tell you what they want


“And so until you can actually understand that not being where you want to be, is the norm. And not being where you want to be is like a boom, this is forever as long as you have a business. Until you accept that, you’re always going to feel down. When you say, Oh, just another day of not being where I want to be. Let me go out and hustle again, totally has a transformative effect.”

“‘Im just gonna give it to you straight. Because we’ve empowered with 21,000 entrepreneurs. And this is what I see again and again, is the reason they’re not talking back to you is because you haven’t put enough content out to contextualize what they want from you.”

“Jump and the ney will appear.”



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