The Learning Center Is Live!

It has been a long time coming, but it is here now!

I have sooooo many resources that I want to share. But I always seem to be racing against the clock, and spinning my wheels! Well no more. I have created a schedule for myself so that I can begin to release my content more consistently.

Membership Levels

My plan right now is to have 2 Levels, Free and Paid. For the most part you will need to be logged in to view most of the content. So you may want to go ahead and register.

When you go there you will see that the Paid Membership will be $37.00 a month, but for now, I giving everyone Life Time Access for $17.99. (I do not know how long I will keep it that way.) – Obviously, as I add more content the price will change. What I do know this is the lowest price that it will ever be. (If you are a deal hunter – you just stumbled across one)

New Additions!

I have uploaded my first Checklists – and they all happen to be free, so register and grab them today!

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