Kamala Harris: First Woman Vice President Of The USA Proudly Promises She ‘Won’t Be The Last’

After making history, Kamala Harris spoke of the lengthy battle that American women had fought for voting rights and being included in the loftiest ranks of politics. She also gave hope to all the little girls across the country and inspired them.

Before introducing Joe Biden in Delaware on Saturday night, Kamala Harris termed Black women as the “backbone” of American democracy. She also said that America is now a country full of possibilities for all the little American girls out there. 

Irrespective of gender Kamala Harris urged the children to be a leader with conviction and a dreamer with ambition. She urged them to see themselves in a manner in which nobody has seen them in and they will get applauded in every step of that process.

A Little Bit About Kamala Harris

First woman, First Black-figure and South Asian vice president, Harris started her speech by showing respect to John Lewis, Georgia Rep. and a Civil rights figure who passed away this year.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

After Geraldine Ferraro(VP nominee,1984), Sarah Palin(No. 2 Republican,2008), and Hilary Clinton(Democratic nominee,2016) Kamala Haris was the 4th woman to contest on a presidential ticket of a party.

A Historic Speech

During her speech, she showed her gratitude to the President-elect and Biden’s wife, Jill Biden for making it easy for her and her family in this astounding journey. She also spoke of Biden’s late son, Beau Biden who she met when they were working as state attorney general.

Kamala Harris also mentioned her mother Shyamala Harris who emigrated from India to the USA when she was just 19. She admired her belief in America where anything is possible.

She thanked her mother and all the women spanning across generations — Black, Native American, Latina, and Asian women who have fought, sacrificed, and struggled for liberty, equality, and justice.

Wearing a white suit, she reflected on the determination, strength, and struggle of American women’s vision that led her to the glory by helping her with their shoulders. She admired and appreciated Biden’s character and audacity to choose a woman as VP and for putting down a most substantial barrier, that existed in America.

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Kamala Harris: First Woman Vice President Of The USA Proudly Promises She ‘Won’t Be The Last’

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