Jobs for Lazy People: Low-Stress Gigs That Pay Real Cash

Like we all know, it takes hard work to earn a living. You have to work for whatever you want in life. Some people toil in their jobs 9 to 5, while others put in extra hours to run their businesses. But what if I told you that there are jobs for lazy people? Would you jump in?

No, I’m not in any way encouraging laziness. But these lazy people jobs may require less effort and come with lower stress and pressure, yet they pay real cash! They also offer more room for flexibility than a regular day job, so they’re perfect for people who want to have more control over their time.

Just a heads-up: not all of these money-making ideas can replace a full-time income. But, they can be a great additional income stream!

Ready to learn what these “lazy jobs” are? Check out the list below.

Best Jobs for Lazy People in 2021

Woman working on the couch doing jobs for lazy people

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Don’t get me wrong here. To become a really successful blogger, you gotta work hard, too. BUT!!! Blogging offers flexibility and you can choose how much time and effort to put into your blog, depending on your goals.

I know some people who blogs as a hobby. They have full-time jobs and they only blog on the weekends for extra money. And they’re also making a nice side income from their blogs!

For me, blogging is a “job” that does not feel like a job. It’s something I am excited to do every day because I get to help other people through the content I post here.

It’s my creative outlet, and it’s a bonus that I am earning a good income from my blog. More importantly, it gives me the freedom to become a full-time mom to my kid!

If you want to learn how to start a blog, I have a detailed guide on how to start a blog where I’ll also show you how to grow your blog and make money from it. Trust me, you don’t need to be a techie to start a blog and you could start one at $2.75 per month!

Vlogger or YouTuber

Do you love creating or editing videos? How about starting your own YouTube channel about your passions? The great thing about becoming a YouTuber or vlogger is that you can work on your own time and get to create video content about the things you love!

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this, but the highest-earning YouTuber is just a kid and he makes millions of dollars annually from his own channel! MILLIONS for playing and reviewing toys on a video!

With vlogging, you can make money from sponsored or paid content, affiliate marketing, and ads.

As I have mentioned, you can also vlog about anything you like. But be warned, this may require some passion and skills in filming and editing. If you do it right and become a legit influencer, your earnings can be pretty lucrative.

Interested about becoming a YouTube star? Read: How Much YouTubers Make Money and How They Make Money.

Sleep Study Participant

Woman participating in a sleep study. One of the easiest lazy people jobs!

If what you’re looking for is to make money while you sleep, then maybe you would be interested in participating in clinical trials about sleep. Sleep studies allow experts to discover treatments for sleep-related issues. And as a participant, all you have to do is… SLEEP!

Sleep studies need participants with specific age ranges, gender, or weight, so be sure to check these conditions before you apply. If you qualify, you can slumber your way to earning some nice cash, making it literally one of the best jobs for lazy person.

Netflix Tagger

For the couch potatoes out there, this is one of the top jobs for lazy person. Apparently, companies like Netflix need people to watch their shows, so if you have nothing better to do than stay on the couch all day, why not get paid for it?

 Netflix editorial analysts, as they are called, tag shows according to their appropriate categories so that viewers have a pleasant watching experience.

House Sitter

House sitting is another one of the best options for lazy people jobs. Many people hire house sitters when they go on vacations, and they need someone to look after their property while they’re gone. Your role is pretty low-key: collecting the mail, watering the plants, feeding the pets, and doing some light cleaning around the house. The advantage is that you get to have a change of scenery by living in someone else’s house, and then get paid for it. According to Zippia, professional house sitters can make around $40/hour.

Brand Ambassador

If you’re some kind of an influencer, you could earn easy money as a brand ambassador! As a brand ambassador, you represent the brands you believe in in various settings, meet new people, and establish connections. This job puts you in the spotlight as you promote your brand.

Also, apart from cash, many companies generously provide free products to their ambassadors, so this is one perk you’ll probably enjoy in this line of work. The rate for brand ambassadors varies, but according to, you could make around $45k per year.

Mystery Shopper

If you think it’s fun to get paid to shop, then you might enjoy mystery shopping. With this job, you’ll be paid by a third-party market research company to go “undercover” and pretend you’re a real paying customer.

 While shopping, you may be asked to discreetly check out the prices and deals of a brand or take note of the staff’s customer service. Mystery shoppers typically get paid per assignment, ranging from $10-$100.

Check out this post to learn how to find mystery shopping near you!

Professional Beer Taster

jobs for lazy people : beer tester

Is drinking beer your cup of tea? If so, this easy side job might be for you! You can spend your Fridays (or other days) drinking beer. Many large brewery companies hire beer tasters to provide them with honest feedback, allowing them to improve their products better. Although you don’t need any fancy qualifications to become a beer taster, you do need to have discerning taste when it comes to beer.

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is practically one of the no-brainer, low-stress jobs for lazy person. All you have to do is sign up for a couple of online survey companies, such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Inbox Dollars, and then answer their surveys.

Most of these surveys are matched to your profile, so you’ll basically be answering surveys that you’re already interested in. Online surveys don’t pay as much per hour, but you can complete a survey in mere minutes with just a couple of clicks on your smartphone.

The drawback to online surveys is that they don’t really pay well. You could only earn $5 or so per survey. So, if you are looking for income ideas that could replace a 9-5 job, check out this list of the best stay-at-home mom jobs that pay well!


According to Healthline, cuddles help release stress, improve blood circulation, boost immunity, and more. Given the numerous benefits, it’s no wonder people seek professional cuddlers for them to snuggle with.

I know it sounds weird to cuddle with a stranger and get paid for it, but if you’re helping out someone who really needs it, this could turn into a really meaningful gig.

Those who are unaware of professional cuddling as something that involves sexual intimacy, but the truth is, professional cuddlers are experts in providing embraces, spoons, and tickles. Every transaction is purely business and platonic. According to JobMonkey, professional cuddlers can make between $40-$80 per hour, excluding tips.

Dog walker

Dogs need to release their pent-up energy through walking, but a lot of pet owners don’t have the time to walk their dogs regularly. So, if you’re crazy about dogs, this could be the perfect job for you! Dog walkers can earn as much or as little as they work.

If you opt to walk more than one dog at a time, you could make double the income. To find dog-walking gigs in your area, I recommend signing up at Rover. According to Rover, some of their dog walkers make around $1,000 a month.

Sell Stock Photos

If you have an eye for taking good photos, then you could consider this as one of the best jobs for lazy people. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take photos that sell, but you at least need to have basic knowledge of things like framing, angle, and lighting. Plus, since you’re selling these photos on stock photography sites, the money would just keep coming in as people purchase or download them.

Interested in selling photos of your feet? Then, check out this post on How to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money!

Hotel tester

To work as a hotel tester is like going on vacation and getting paid for it. Hotel chains need to make sure that they’re providing the best amenities and services, so they hire hotel testers to work undercover. Hotel testers evaluate a number of things during their stay, including but not limited to the staff’s customer service, how clean the rooms are, how comfy the beds are, to the nitty-gritty like whether there’s a constant supply of toilet paper.

It’s a pretty chill job, but you do have to make sure you address all the questions of the report at the end of your assignment. Hotel testers are paid nicely, around $28/hour, according to Ziprecruiter.

English Teacher

Teaching English is another fun and chill gig that can make some really nice income. If you are a native English speaker and have some teaching experience or certification, then you could easily qualify for this job. Depending on the platform you work for, you could be teaching a few Chinese students, or maybe it’s business professionals who need to learn English. In some cases, your teaching session would be spontaneous and conversational, while in others you need to follow a lesson plan. As for the rates, you could easily make $15-$25 per hour, plus bonuses.

Video Gamer

Some people would probably think playing video games is a waste of time, but that’s until they realize they can make money from it. There are plenty of ways to make money playing video games. For instance, as a game tester, you’ll get the first dibs on the up and coming video games, play them out, and give your honest feedback to the developers. You could also create video game tutorials, contact sponsors to back up your games, or simply play video games as a professional. If you could stay at home all day playing video games, then this is one of the best jobs for lazy person like you.

Jobs for Lazy People: Which Ones Are For You?

Whether you love to sleep, shop, watch TV, play video games or drink beer, there will always be jobs for lazy people that you can do. These jobs do not imply that you’re lazy, literally. But these jobs are fun and don’t require heavy lifting, so they come with less stress and pressure. If you’re down for one of these jobs, go back to my list above and start feeling out what job suits you best.

Have you tried working on one of these jobs for lazy people? What was your experience like? Let’s connect in the comments.

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Jobs for Lazy People: Low-Stress Gigs That Pay Real Cash

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