It Isn’t About Getting It Perfect, It is About Getting Started with Amanda Boleyn

My dear friends welcome to another solocast! Today we’ll talk about the fear that causes us not to take action. For so many of us, there are times where we delay action for fear of the outcome not being perfect or right. And that fear is so prevalent in the beginning stages of building a business.

In this episode, you will…

  • Identifying the fear that causes you to not take action
  • Realize that you are the only person who gets in your own way
  • Learn how to control what to think
  • There’s no such thing as the right business idea
  • Learn to focus on the process, not the outcome
  • Discover the importance of clarity when taking actions
  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable



“Do not let anyone else stop you from achieving your dreams, going after them. You are the only one stopping you.

“Clarity comes through taking action. Not thinking your way through it.”

“Where your focus goes, energy flows, results will show. “

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