Is There Ever A “Right Time” To Quit Your 9-5 (And How To Do It With Grace) With Amanda Boleyn

The question you might still be asking yourself, “When is the right time to quit?” So in this solocast let’s dive into finally taking the leap and leaving your 9-5!

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn that timing is important but it’s not everything
  • How to move forward from your current situation
  • Discover the emotions and mindset when taking the leap
  • Learn about taking calculative risk
  • Know that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable
  • Find out if there’s a right time to quit your 9-5

“Something to keep in mind is showing up the way you’d want someone who would be leaving your business (and it will happen someday in the future) would show up.”

“Unpack your current circumstances and understand the best-case scenario for you to be as confident as possible to make your leap. “

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