Introducing the Successful Entrepreneur Behind Kae Kosmetics, Krysten Brannon

Krysten Brannon

Where beauty meets self-care. That’s the goal. Entrepreneur, founder, and businesswoman Kyrsten Brannon launched her beauty brand, Kae Kosmetics, early 2019. While being inspired at a young age, Kyrsten always had a passion to create. From teaching herself new makeup trends to mixing homemade face masks in the kitchen, Kyrsten had a passion for the beauty industry.

Besides sports, one of Wisconsin-born native, Kyrsten’s, favorite activities to do growing up was finding fun new skin-care recipes off Google to try on her and her friends. However, it did not stop there. YouTube then became one of her favorite tools to use when it came to seeing new makeup trends. From beauty to baking, Kyrsten wanted to learn it all. Inspired by her father, Kyrsten instilled an entrepreneurial mindset. She would sell clothes online. She would even bake different desserts and sell them to anyone she could find.

Furthermore, Kyrsten went to college for communications. While attending college, Kyrsten decided to start her own online blog, Cake & Bake. On her blog, she focused on beauty, fashion trends, different books that she enjoyed reading and also easy, affordable recipes for college students to cook at home. In addition to creating her online Wix blog, she then started reaching out to brands for sponsored posts. Moreover, for a project for her mass communications class, she presented her blog to class, where she received compliments about how creative her blog was.

Kyrsten enjoyed being behind the scenes of projects, which lead to her first job. Her love for marketing and sales began to quickly grow deeper. Soon after graduating, Kyrsten landed her first job working at a marketing agency. She then began to climb her way to the top, becoming one of the top sales reps in her office. However, it did not stop there. She then transitioned her career path to marketing new talent in the entertainment field. There she enjoyed working behind the scenes of the modeling and acting industry. The career path she took definitely fit her bubbly personality, however, she always had a desire to want to create something of her own.

After a long day at work, she decided she wanted to launch her business, Kae Kosmetics. Kosmetics came about due to Kyrsten’s love for eyebrow shaping. She used to love doing her own eyebrows, then later began teaching her makeup brow-shaping tricks to others. Of course, Kyrsten had her first cosmetics collection be focused on brows.

Furthermore, her automatic brow pencil became her top-sold product. Not only does the automatic brow pencil come in five different shades, but also it is unique because it features an angled pencil tip for precise brow application. In addition to the angled pencil, the Kae Kosmetics automatic brow pencil featured a spookily brush, which makes the product even more convenient. After receiving such positive feedback on the Kae Kosmetics brow collection, she then launched her lip gloss. The glosses feature a non-sticky, Paraben-free formula that glides on with shimmer or natural finishes. Soon after, Kyrsten began to launch contour kits, skincare, essential oil, workout gear, etc.

Kyrsten Brannon’s strong work ethic and determined mindset had an impact on the brand’s success so far. What makes Kyrsten’s work truly remarkable is her ability to adapt to others. Her main goal is to produce products that consist of good quality while also being affordable. Kae Kosmetics offers a variety of products that meet the desire for a natural, full-glam look. You can shop Kyrsten’s products exclusively at or at select retailers.

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