Introducing Ashley Black: FasciaBlaster Inventor, Business Leader, and 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year

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A businesswoman of tremendous merit, Ashley Black wears many hats and has earned many titles throughout her career. In addition to being an author and co-author, Black is also the pioneer of the fascia movement. Her flagship product, the FasciaBlaster, landed her square in the center of the entrepreneurial success map. Black’s inspiration for this innovative tool derived from her health issues.

When Ashley Black was still too young to know what was truly happening to her, she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Black suffered such adverse effects from JRA, but she did not let that stop her as a kid. Fighting through all of the doctor’s prognosis, Ashley became a competitive gymnast in her teenage years. After college, Ashley worked in nutrition with one of the most well-known weight management companies in the country and continued to teach fitness classes. Ashley also encouraged others to get the standard certifications required to become fitness instructors for the notable fitness chain that employed her. Her fervent pursuit to overcome this disability and her love of helping others to do the same for themselves developed in these early years.

Early in her career, a trip to the hospital for a routine hip aspiration turned into the second time Ashley would stand on the brink of death. Ashley contracted a bone-eating disease from the procedure’s needle, and doctors told her that walking would never again be feasible.

That diagnosis was not acceptable to the fighter inside Ashley Black. Upon hearing the doctor’s words, Ashley decided to take her recovery into her own hands and soon began traveling the world, studying treatments and medicine from every corner.

While traveling and researching, almost by accident, Ashley Black discovered that scarred connective tissue was the root cause for much of her daily aches and pains. More specifically, the thickening and scarring of fascia showed itself as the leading culprit behind the debilitating pain in so many parts of Ashley’s body. This sheath of fibrous tissue was responsible for connecting, penetrating, and surrounding organs, joints, and muscles, which is why Black endured such consistent discomfort.

Ashley continued to study fascia over many years and slowly discovered that this layer of connective tissue covering our entire body was so much more intricately woven into and responsible for our health and wellness. So much more so than any doctor or medical professional ever led her to believe.

For over 20 years, Black has continued to immerse herself in fascia research and has sought to raise awareness about fascia’s science, fasciology. Her efforts have bred substantial results.

Over the years, Black used every ounce of fascia knowledge she acquired. Through treating herself, she also learned how to restore the unhealthy parts of the fascia tissue and, in the process, took on a host of A-list clients in both Hollywood and from the professional sports world.

The Rise of the FasciaBlaster

Ashley Black jet-set worldwide and took care of New York Yankees, pro football quarterbacks, Olympians, TV stars like Debra Messing and Patricia Heaton, and even movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio. Life was good. After many months of everyday airplane rides to treat the fascia of every single celebrity that sought her out, Ashley was tired of the suitcase life and needed to come up with a way for clients to treat themselves every day without her having to supervise. From necessity breeds innovation, and that was the moment the idea behind the FasciaBlaster began to formulate inside Ashley Black.

Since its inception six years ago, the FasciaBlaster has taken the health and wellness industry by storm. Black has introduced several versions and a whole line of complementary products to the marketplace. The prospect of providing a holistic alternative to pain management that a person can do on their own is what makes Ashley Black tick, and she hopes to help every person that crosses her path in any way she can.

Ashley Black has experienced two very well-received, peer-reviewed studies on the FasciaBlaster. She pioneered stem cell reservoir and ECM research and invented biotechnologies for the health and beauty sectors. Black discovered the link between unhealthy fascia and cellulite and wrote a national best-selling book sharing that information with the world. And just this year, Ashley Black earned the title of 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year at the American Business Awards, earning the fasciologist her first Gold Stevie Award.

A Woman of Great Humility

Humbled by this recognition, Black took a modest approach when accepting the award. Overjoyed by her recent accomplishments, Black quickly thanked her customers for allowing the FasciaBlaster to have a global impact. Recently, Black managed to take her company into new markets, spanning from Europe to Australia. This feat reminded Black of “how incredible Americans are” to have embraced this product in such a way that it made it possible to share with the rest of the world. Black also attributed this triumph to her hard-working team members. If not for them, Ashley Black is sure that her company wouldn’t have the renowned reputation it holds today.

Ashley Black finished her ABA acceptance speech by acknowledging the unwavering passion she shares with her colleagues. As the FasciaBlaster continues to wow audiences, Black seeks to promote and empower overall health. While Black’s Stevie Award win is undoubtedly a feather in her cap, she hopes to achieve much more throughout the rest of her career.

But What About Ashley Black’s Proudest Moments to Date?

In fact, in 2019, Black published a peer-reviewed study in the Cogent Medical Journal. Her research stressed the importance of fascia, its correlation to our health, and how it can impact both well-being and appearance. Unfortunately, Black noticed that the health, medical, and beauty industries overlooked the significance of fascia, which catalyzed her research.

Black’s study concluded that 100 percent of participants saw a cellulite reduction when targeting fascia. Many industries have claimed that there’s no cure or treatment for cellulite, making Black’s research all the more intriguing. Participants also showed decreased inflammation, increased collagen production, and tissue regeneration and repair.

Much like the American Business Awards, the International Association of Top Professionals recognized Black for her outstanding innovation achievements in 2019. Equally impressive was Black’s appearance on the Inc. 5000 List, as her company was named one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the U.S.

It was a combination of these triumphs that put Black on ABA’s radar. According to the judges of the American Business Awards, Black showed incredible potential and ingenuity. They were particularly impressed by Black’s ability to develop a completely non-invasive treatment that proved as useful and effective as surgery. Most notably, Black’s nomination was heavily influenced by her factual experiments.

Ashley Black’s and the FasciaBlaster’s Bright Future

Above all else, Black has demonstrated admirable dedication to her clientele. Though she’s received awards, nominations, and industry recognition, she never falters from her goal: to provide people with hope and sustainable solutions. If not for Ashley Black and her need to conquer the constant, gnawing pain inside her body, the FasciaBlaster would cease to exist. For this reason, unfortunate circumstances can indeed lead to growth and change and ultimate success. As Black continues to prove her prowess as a businesswoman, she’ll no doubt receive more accolades and praise year in and year out.

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