Increase Your Followers on Instagram (Gary Vee’s Dollar Eighty Strategy)

Have you spent a lot of time in 2020 trying to create perfect Instagram™ content, drum up more engagement, and increase your reach? I get it. That’s a lot of time and effort, especially when you’re trying to build your business.

But that’s why I’m going to introduce you to a tool that you can use to accomplish all of these goals, potentially driving anywhere from 50-200 targeted engaged followers on Instagram™ every day. 

Keep reading to learn how you can use Dollar Eighty to drive more traffic to your business on Instagram™. While this post is sponsored, these opinions are completely my own. 

In this blog post:

My Unpopular Instagram™ Opinion 

Before we dive into the specifics of Dollar Eighty, I have to tell you my honest but unpopular Instagram™ opinion.

I don’t care about your Instagram™ follower count! That’s right, I said it. Your follower count is a vanity metric. It might feel good to see that you have a ton of followers, but that metric doesn’t really measure your Instagram™ success.

If you want to build a successful business on Instagram™ you should focus on quality over quantity. You don’t need to have millions of followers to meet your business goals.

Instagram™ should never be a one-way conversation, where people don’t know the person behind your avatar. But if you feel like you’re struggling to connect with your followers or spark conversations, it’s time to rethink your strategy and the tools you’re using. 

Dollar Eighty: An Instagram Engagement Tool   

My team and I are normally pretty weary when it comes to software that offers to “grow your Instagram™ account” for you. Most of the time these are gimmicks that use bots to help you cut corners. 

While it might get you more followers in a snap, these shortcuts will hurt your reach and lead to a lot of unengaged followers. Worse, if you buy followers or use another spammy tool, you can lose access to your Instagram™ account.

But that’s what makes Dollar Eighty different. 

What is Dollar Eighty?

Inspired by Gary Vee’s $1.80 strategy, Dollar Eighty brings together his most effective marketing strategies. As a leader in online marketing, Gary’s strategy focuses on building relationships first.

The Dollar Eighty strategy basically means leaving your two cents (aka comment) on nine posts in 10 different hashtags daily. When you do the math that equals $1.80. This consistent, authentic engagement will spark conversations and real connections with followers across Instagram™. 

How to Get Started with Dollar Eighty 

Now that you know the basics of the Dollar Eighty software, let’s talk about how to get started using it. 

First, connect your Instagram account to Dollar Eighty. Then you’ll be able to create “targets.” These targets are specific to your business and will show you the most relevant content to engage with. 

Sue B Zimmerman's Dollar Eighty interface.

Now, in the software you’ll be able to enter the hashtag, location, and profile targets depending on the type of Instagram™ business you have. You can add up to 10 target hashtags with a free Dollar Eighty account.  

Sue B Zimmerman's Dollar Eighty targets.

Next, tap on the “+Target” button to search for keywords that are related to your business. These keywords should show you all the posts that are under that target. 

Sue B Zimmerman adds an Instagram target to her Dollar Eighty dashboard.

For example, when I searched for #50andfabulous I found over 300,000 relevant Instagram™ posts in that hashtag hub. That is a healthy, medium-sized hashtag that is ideal for my audience. 

Sue B Zimmerman's hashtag targets with the hashtag hub 50 and fabulous highlighted.

Even better, once you find a target that you want to add to your account just click on it.

Finally, once you’ve added all of your targets, tap on done. Then when you navigate to “posts” on the left-hand side you’ll see all of the posts listed. 

Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that in the dropdown menu, at the top of the screen, you can review recent and top posts in that hashtag hub. Keep in mind that top posts and recent posts offer two different ways to engage. 

Top posts allow you to glimpse at the hashtag’s most popular content. While this hashtag might have a ton of content, these posts offer a glimpse of the content that’s driving the most conversation. 

In contrast, recent posts are more likely to have a smaller following or less engagement. Therefore, you have a better chance of standing out and someone replying to your comment. 

What Should My Instagram™ Targets Be?

If you’ve ever tried to come up with a list of the hashtags that are most relevant to your business, you know that it can be quite the hashtag headache. While it seems like there’s an almost endless amount of possible hashtags for your business, I suggest focusing on the keywords that capture the vibe of your brand. 

Basically, if you try to copy + paste from another account without doing your own research, you’ll probably miss out on your target audience. Drawing inspiration from other accounts in your niche is a good idea, but make sure to do your own research. 

One more thing to keep in mind when picking your target hashtags: Make sure you include your branded hashtag.

For example, I use #RSGCommunity for my Ready Set Gram students. Make sure you add your branded hashtag into Dollar Eighty so you can regularly engage with your active community members. 

What You Should Say When You Leave an Instagram™ Comment

If you want to spark conversations with your followers you have to do more than leave a thumbs up emoji or spammy comment. Not only are these comments disingenuous, but they don’t make you memorable. 

Instead, when you find a post that resonates with you, remember you want your comment to lead to real conversations and community building. 

My best tip for keeping the conversation going is by commenting with a question. That way it’s obvious that you want someone to reply back. Although it might feel awkward at first to leave a question, it will make it much easier for someone to chat with you. 

My Final Thoughts on Dollar Eighty

One of the biggest hurdles when you’re getting started on Instagram (or even if you’re a seasoned pro) is getting a grasp on your content creation. But that’s one of the reasons that Dollar Eighty works so well. The software systemizes content creation that can be overwhelming. 

Plus, the user interface is clear and easy to follow. Over time as you use the software, it’ll even track your engagement progress. 

Dollar Eighty offers you a clear strategy and accountability in your engagement efforts. Right now Dollar Eighty is offering a one month free trial. Make sure you don’t miss out! 

Overcome Complex Instagram™ Content Creation

If you find yourself spending way too much time on complex content creation, I’m here to tell you there’s an easier way. That’s why I developed this FREE Instagram course. Discover how to transform your Instagram™ account into your number one marketing platform. 

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Increase Your Followers on Instagram (Gary Vee’s Dollar Eighty Strategy)

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