How to Present Your Idea During Lockdown 2020

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Due to the continuing spread of the coronavirus, a lot of people are forced to work from home. Of course, the new way of working for many people has its own new challenges and difficult aspects.

The people who are also between a rock and a hard place have to make presentations and share their ideas. Showing your slide deck face-to-face is not just the same as doing it virtually. If you’re looking to do things right from the get-go, then we have awesome tips for you below.

Home in on Your Idea and Create a Story Surrounding It

First and foremost, you have to know exactly what you’ll be talking about. Don’t stretch the topic of your presentation too thin. Focus only on one idea and its supplementary materials. If you’re going to start rambling or your slides are scattered — you will lose the audience’s focus immediately.

One of the most powerful tools (except KeyNote and PowerPoint) in presentations is storytelling. This is extremely important as in online presentations, your listeners are in front of their computers and scrutinize your presentation more closely. Not only do your slides have to be logical in their progression, but they also have to be narratively connected.

For some people, that’s already overwhelming. So, they go to a presentation help service and say, “Do my presentation for me!” If you already feel overwhelmed, then you might consider getting professional help because it’s not going to get easier from here.

Make the Reason Behind Your Idea Feel Important and Easy to Relate To

You might have created one of the most entertaining and grasping narratives out there, but it won’t mean anything if your ideas and slide deck don’t connect with people. You won’t connect with people by simply showing mediocre slides and reading your notes over the internet. In fact, you’ll make them wish for your presentation to end quicker.

So, what do you do? It would help if you nailed down the importance of the topic you’re talking about. You can do this by talking about real-world stories of people, statistics, and even sharing your own small survey results. By incorporating these elements into the presentation deck, you’ll turn it from an informational piece to something that motivates people and provokes action.

Give Your Presentation a Smart Design

Even though you’ll be presenting online, it doesn’t mean that you should fill the slides with walls of text. No, clean and sleek design is always preferred for a presentation over busy and clattery ones. Choose a color palette, pick a font, and do the whole deck within one style.

Nonetheless, people will be sitting in front of their devices so go in a different direction with your presentation. Instead of having a simple format of the information to present to the listeners, you can add some interactivity to your slides into the mix.

Employ Visuals

Visuals have always made it easier to understand and remember information. So, don’t skimp on adding visuals. Knowing that your presentation will be over the Internet, you can add more intricate and detailed visuals to the presentation deck, including the following:

  • maps
  • GIFs
  • illustrations
  • high-resolution photos.

Involve the Audience

Speaking of interactivity, you can use special software for mass presentations, instead of only online conference applications. The former allows your audience to interact and play around with the things you put in the presentations. For example, you can have the following:

  • an animation that can be manipulated with a slider
  • hyperlinks to other important sources on the internet
  • pop-up text that unfolds when hovering over different elements.

Get Ready to Perform in Front of Your Webcam

Just because you’ll be at home talking to your computer doesn’t mean that you can kick back and not put in any effort. No, you actually should do the following:

Clean Up Your Room

It can be a pretty embarrassing moment if you forget to clean up your room. As soon as you turn on your webcam, the people will see just how untidy your living space is and become much more interested in it rather than your presentation slides deck.

Continuously Return to the Webcam View

When giving a presentation over the Internet, don’t hide under the slides. You have to make the experience personal for your audience and ultimately establish a connection. You won’t be able to do that with just the deck of slides where people can’t see your face. Throughout the presentation, come back to your webcam image — the best time to do that is between the presentation’s structural parts.

Wear Something Presentable

Another awkward moment — you turn on the webcam, and you see yourself wearing your home clothes while everybody else is dressed business casual. This will immediately throw you off. To avoid that, dress as if you were giving a presentation in real life — you’ll even feel more confident.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Just creating your presentation is never enough to do it justice. Rehearsing giving your presentation deck is essential. Practice will allow you to orientate yourself easier between all the slides and notes. It will also improve your delivery and make you more confident.

Do it in front of your computer within the online conference software, but alone. This way, you will see how you look on the webcam and get more comfortable sitting and basically talking on your monitor. You can ask someone close to you to join the meeting and listen through the presentation slides deck — they’ll give extremely valuable feedback to you, so don’t disregard it.

Don’t Expect Everything to Go Perfectly

As much as you can try to minimize possible mishaps inside and outside the deck, they still will inevitably occur. Some you’ll notice, some you won’t. The idea of something not going to go according to your plan should sound okay to you.

If you keep it together and don’t get shaken when something goes wrong, you will attract your listeners with this showcase of confidence. Remember that both the online presentation contents and how you deliver it are essential to impacting people.

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