How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome When You Become a Business Owner with Amanda Boleyn

Imposter syndrome brings up so many emotions, feeling like a fraud and thinking what you’re doing is wrong, are two of the most common ones I see when I work with students. Feeling like a fake when you start something new, is normal.

A few months ago I released a solocast about how you must first BE the type of person you want to BE in order to have and do the things you want to do. Anytime you’re being someone new, let’s call her the 2.0 version of yourself, you’re no longer the 1.0 version of yourself, the person you used to be. And in the beginning when something is so new and you’re being someone different than who you use to be, what you use to do and what you consider as your “normal” it can be uncomfortable and cause your brain to freak out and tell you that it is scary, to retreat. But again, that is normal and part of the process.



  • Learn about Imposter Syndrome
  • Discover that change is normal
  • Acknowledge that you will transform into another version of yourself
  • Remind yourself that you “belong here”
  • Reframe your failure as a learning opportunity and part of the process

The question I want to leave for you today is, where are you experiencing major discomfort in your life right now that is attributed to you becoming the next-level version of yourself and how can coach yourself through that experience?

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