How to Market (with Ease) Based on Your Personality Type with Amanda Boleyn

Today’s episode is my recent interview as a guest on the Marketing Personalities Podcast with Brit Kolo. In this discussion, Brit and I discuss what it’s like to be an ESTJ personality type and how I use it in my business and marketing strategy.

In this episode, you will…

Get to hear about my background, great info especially for our new listeners!

Learn how I transition from corporate to entrepreneurship

Hear some great advice before taking the leap

How it’s important to be a part of a community

Discover how to tap on the abundance of information about entrepreneurship


“Instead of attaching the meaning of failure to, “Oh you shouldn’t do this anymore and you shouldn’t try,” instead you should attach failure as “Oh failing I should attach it as A.) It’s good news and it’s giving me data and information that I’m experimenting and B.) Attaching that meaning that it’s part of the process.”

“One of the things I do every day, even if it’s just 5 minutes, is meditation.”


She Did It Her Way Podcast

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