How to Make Money from Flipkart Affiliate Program- Flipkart Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Tips to earn Income as an Affiliate Marketer with Flipkart Ecommerce Online Shopping Site: Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Beginners Tips to get Success with Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Flipkart is one of the most popular online shopping sites in India. You could earn as much as Rs 20,000-30000 per month by being an affiliate to Flipkart. Sounds interesting, right? This is a fact too. The affiliate is a digital marketing term, which means the direct or indirect transmission of potential customers.

Being an affiliate site/person or an institution, your objective is to directly or indirectly increase sales revenue for Flipkart.

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Tips for Beginners to Earn Money Online by being an Affiliate at Flipkart Website

How can this be done?

There are two ways of doing affiliate marketing. The first one is direct and the second one is indirect. Astonishingly, the indirect way of affiliate marketing is quite effective and popular in the digital world today. It is more beneficial too.

However, you can use direct and indirect marketing approaches simultaneously to beat your operating costs and increase your overall revenue.

Direct way of partnering with Flipkart-  Become a Seller on Flipkart

A direct way of partnering with Flipkart is to become a seller on its site. The process of registration of Flipkart is very simple and you can be a registered seller on Flipkart by inputting some basic details about your business.

You can bring more traffic or potential customers to Flipkart’s site from your site. This will not only increase your overall sales, but also will bring you some affiliate points too.

Flipkart values affiliates and has lucrative plans for people, institutions or website that brings traffic and sales to its site. There are specific commission amounts released (which is based on the traffic, sales, etc.) for affiliates encouraging them to bring in more potential customers.

The commission rates can go as high as 15%. You can promote traffic from your personal blog or business site to Flipkart for purchases. You also have rewards for referring your friends/partners as sellers or affiliates on Flipkart.

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Indirect way of partnering with Flipkart-  Become a True Affiliate of Flipkart

The indirect way of earning commissions goes on the lines of some successful websites online. Many review sites, particularly relevant to the mobile, gadget and other electronic categories have earned huge amounts of money consistently using the concept of affiliate marketing.

These sites not only review some exclusive mobiles, laptops and various other gadgets & stuffs, but also feature a link to buy that product in the description.

These links when accessed by potential customers prove rewarding not only for affiliate review sites, but also lead to higher sales conversion ratios for Flipkart.

This trend is getting increasingly popular nowadays. Many sites just feature relevant information and move traffic to Flipkart. These sites are blogs or simple articles that have some product listed on Flipkart relevant to the post.

How to accomplish a perfect or close to the perfect affiliate site?

Earning money through affiliation is not easy. It is a series of procedures that may eat up a considerable amount of time and effort. The first step towards building the most profitable site is research.

The first stage is all about determining content, topic, name, objective, etc., of the proposed site. You can target smartphones, clothing fashion, electronics in a broader sense, etc.

Finalizing your idea

Finalizing your idea for affiliate success at flipkart-600x300
Finalize your idea for getting Affiliate Success at Flipkart

It is essential to focus on a broader category of products (for instances electronics, includes smartphones, television, refrigerators, etc.) or a single product dimension (includes only smartphone or only television). Identifying name for your site is the second task.

Make sure the selected name has a domain available and is short and sweet.

Do check GoDaddy or any other domain offering sites. You shall get a unique ‘.com’ or ‘.in’ domain in the range of Rs 100-900 per month.

You can use the below links for domain name search or related queries:‎ or

Finding a good hosting service provider

The next task is to find a good hosting agent. and similar sites offer reliable hosting services that are very much essential for making the site live. Going for a reputable hosting agent makes your site very user friendly.

Poor hosting could put you in deep losses and lower traffic. So, always go to the trusted and reputed hosting service providers.

WordPress and SEO plugins

You will need some additional tools like WordPress and SEO plugins to publish, edit and review content on your site. WordPress is free and some SEO plugins are also available at reasonable prices to enhance your content.

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Content or Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the vitamin in the body but, content is probably the most vital part of an affiliating site. Without relevant content, SEO optimized content and engaging content, no site can make sustainable profits. Your site should be in accordance with Flipkart and hence, any changes in schemes, offers or discounts should be tweaked or modified on your site regularly too.

Make articles/posts on trending news/updates to attract more traffic. Write reviews, user guides, price comparisons, etc., about Flipkart products to stimulate buyers.

Never end your post by a dilemma. Make it a point to give a straightforward ‘recommended’ or ‘not recommended’ type of posts that will keep readers interested and hooked on for future posts! Always try using a Flipkart banner links to encourage your readers to check out the store for more information.

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Promoting your website

Promote your Affiliate Website to get Success with Flipkart Affiliate Program

Your new website cannot be noticed overnight by many people across the globe. You must promote your site to gain more visibility and hence more traffic. You can optimize your content with content marketing or SEO to gain more visibility and traffic. Or, you can also use Google Ad words, affiliate marketing, etc., to promote your site.

All this depends on the budget. SEO optimization is the most cost effective one, as you must focus only on your content, which you will eventually!

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Tracking Results

After all this, you need something to re-assess the situation and to understand what is not working out and what needs to be continued. Since, it’s a continuous process, tracking results become an important part of all this. Results are measured in different units. The straight figures which lead you to results can be revenue or monthly income.

But, there are more numbers in question which will need thorough analysis for planning the future. For instance, traffic comparison, affiliate traffic comparison, sales figures, conversion rates, etc., are some figures that could determine the future programming of the website.

Being an affiliate is a profitable task, but it is not easy for sure. The above information shall help you plan in becoming a good and profitable affiliate to Flipkart.

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